18 August 2008

i remember spending taking apart the lockers in the ID building with jessica kam, some scheme to hide from public safety. 1 hour later, we had 1 hours less work done, but determined that both of us could in fact comfortably sit inside an ID locker. we laughed our heads off.

i remember always sleeping on the nasty sofa on the 5th floor. i got woken up every time at 6am by the cleaning ladies, and they always felt bad and apologized for waking me up.

i remember going home from freshman studios at 5pm, and it being completely dark outside. i'd go back to my room, curl up and fall asleep until the next morning.

i remember sleeping a lot sometimes and not at all other times.

i remember looking outside my window of east4 and seeing snow fall for the first time. i was awe-struck.

i remember a few days later, walking through the nasty slushy car tire dirt snow in the streets and hating it with a passion.

i remember walking down college street in a torrential rainstorm with my flip flops. i'm surprised i hydroplane in the river that was the sidewalk.

i remember a lot of weather.

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