14 August 2008

I remember how weird I thought it was that Providence Place Mall was carpeted.

I remember the first day it rained. I got dressed in my mom's vintage cobalt blue down jacket. When I got outside it was hot and humid. I didn't understand.

I remember the aged smell of the nature lab, and checking out delicate boxes lined with foil.

I remember stealing magazines up the back exit from the RISD Store.

I remember the old cafeteria guy that I would chat with whenever I ordered a grilled chicken with cheese at the back of the Met.

I remember the territorial quad.

I remember climbing up the stairs to the quad after studio and smiling when I saw friends laughing.

I remember wasting so much time sitting in the quad smoking cigarettes.

I remember waltzing on the quad with Cassidy.

I remember when Abbott jumped on my roommate Keiko's bed to sit down. He didn't know she was in it. She was pissed.

I remember when we had a party in the dorms on East 4. We later told RA's that disrespectful people took advantage of the room bc they know it was unlocked, partied there, and left. They believed us. I offered them cheese from our beer pong table.

I remember the charcoal black residue that seeped into my pores and never seemed to escape.

I remember when I fell in love the night of the Artist's Ball. It was a dark night. Neon pink streaks lit my way.

I remember drunken snow fights on walks back to the dorm from parties in the winter. So numb, we didn't feel the cold.

I remember setting an alarm at 9:30 pm for lazy days during wintersession so we could make it to Spiritus before it closed.

I remember giant garbage cookies from Meeting Street.

I remember Long Island Iced Teas at Viva.

I remember when Shaun Modi was in my foundation class second semester, and a gang of 5 of us shot down every project of his in crit. Especially his slave ship installation.

I remember when Keiko showed up drunk in the wee hours of the morning with a hookah that she stole from a Brown frat.

I remember how easy Liberal Arts classes were.

I remember how Lisa would fall asleep on my shoulder during every English class.

I remember we watched Fight Club for some narrative class. I was so high. When The Pixies "Where is My Mind" dropped with the credits, I teared up with happiness and nostalgia.

I remember how hard it was to check the box of my future major.

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eseon said...

i cracked up reading about the rainy day/blue coat and it being humid. and the shaun modi one made me smile.