14 August 2008

I remember Andrew Cooper peeing on his drawing in the corner during Diane Hoffman's class.

I remember the first big snow fight freshman year on Nick Green and seeing Vanessa and Nick chasing each other and tackling each other.

I remember when my girlfriend at the time came to visit during the snow storm and it was so cold. We made out at the top of the stairs of the Waterman building and our hands and faces got so hot.

I remember walking early morning in the snow when it was completely quiet with headphones on and everything was white. I turned a corner and looked down College Street as my headphones went, "He had a stroke at the age of twenty-four..." It felt like a movie.

I remember thinking life felt like a movie a lot of times.

I remember having constant diarrhea for a week during wintersession and couldn't eat anything. John said I looked like I had cancer.

I remember Preston farted a lot.

I remember Preston and I would bond over bowls of LIFE cereal and playing round after round of Worms Armageddon.

I remember Hammett Nurosi would always say "pacific" instead of "specific."

I remember some of us in the class wanted to raise our hands every time he said "pacific."

I remember Hans could never say Nate's name right. It sounded like he was saying "gnat."

I remember Danielle told me Hans slapped her in the ass once.

I remember the student deal at Pazzo.

I remember thinking Tom Wedell had wide child-bearing hips.

I remember meeting Miyoung for the first time at the first lecture for Type 1. I couldn't find a seat and just sat right next to her. We started talking as if we'd known each other all along.

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