13 August 2008

I remember being 18 at "the farm" and holding hands with LA Hall and Adam Chang while balancing on a log. Our palms were sweaty. I wanted to fall in love with both of them.

I remember my first fight sesh and filling the street with a buzz of costumes in front of the old book store on Thayer. I felt alone.

I remember the dark tunnel in between homer and nickerson hall where Rob puked all over himself freshman year. That was the first time I'd heard anyone puke so much in one go. I took care of him and he didn't remember.

I remember the temple, going to the top, and Mat staring at me through his special camera before taking the picture.

I remember getting high for the first time in LA's room with the blue floor. Elaine couldn't stop coughing.

I remember putting a pad in my underwear while jittery and high because I didn't want to pee in my pants from laughing again.

I remember the smell of 44 hidden the morning after a party, mixed with the winter air leaking in through old windows.

I remember the satisfaction of scrubbing beer off the hardwood floor, wiping it clean, and being able to walk barefoot again.

I remember my regrets with boys.

I remember POP!

I remember the final stretch, waking up at 5am, walking out onto the downtown streets, feeling that cool damp morning air, and heading to dunkin' donuts for hot coffee because nothing else was open.

I remember the taste of carr haus coffee with an extra shot of espresso at 9pm.

I remember the bums hanging out at Kennedy Plaza and their Rhode Island accents.

I remember shopping at Providence Place to escape everything.

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