20 August 2008

i remember the first winter in providence and going out with john, LA and elaine...maybe someone else...and slipping down the street on the ice - first falling on my knees and then on all fours, still sliding down towards a car crash...

i remember almost peeing myself after repeating "hey kid - i'm a computer".

i remember the terrible food court dinner for my 18th birthday.

i picked up smoking.

i remember John and I used to hop on a random bus in Kennedy Square during wintersession and get dropped off in a different town just to explore something farther than our bubble.

i remember Omelette giving birth to Fisher (aka Sock) on Mother's day...and how unprepared i was and how stupid it felt to be so ignorant.

i remember building my loft. sitting in the window frame smoking cigarettes, listening to Mirah...with and without Vanessa. i remember those obnoxious cheerleader sorority bitches across the street and throwing things at them one night.

i remember taking a walk with all the hidden housemates (aka super asian mafia) around Hope High School and swinging in the park. LA went into the trees and made elephant sounds by shaking the boughs.


Shara said...


"give him the stick-DONT GIVE HIM THE STICK!"

"ey you're not my dad.."


L said...
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