23 August 2008

I remember the blizzard of 05 and being snowed in during wintersession at 44 Hidden street. Sandy and I painted on a big sheet of some of Shara's extra MDF board.

I remember Chris being asleep for pretty much half of his life at 44 Hidden.

I remember listening to Mirah's "La Familia" and trying to understand how sex played into relationships, love and friends.

I remember when facebook first came out. I made an account to make fun of John. Then people started friending me and I got annoyed but didn't have the heart to "reject" them.

I remember spam fried rice.

I remember the squirrels scurrying in the ceiling at 44 Hidden. One day one of them came in through the hole in the ceiling in the kitchen. Vanessa was flipping out and shrieking hysterically, afraid it would bite her and maybe it had rabies.

I remember Gary our landlord. He talked so fast, no one could understand what he said.

I remember Will Reeves.

I remember seeing pretty girls in the street and not knowing how to talk to them.

I remember every time before opening the door to step out into the cold, holding my breath just a little.

I remember parties at the carriage house.

I remember the fries at the Red Fez.

I remember many late nights of playing FIFA with Nate and eating disgusting Domino's delivery.

I remember going over to Miyoung's at the end of a night of heavy drinking. We'd get McDonald's and fall asleep to Arrested Development. I'd wake up and stumble down Wickenden towards home like a mole out of his hole.

I remember the gigantic stick-shift U-Haul I drove at the end of freshman year. It was huge and scary to drive down hills. I thought I would destroy something. I remember stepping out of the truck at 55 Angell, my whole body shaking.

I remember getting used to the walk back to my room by myself from freshman studio classes, and the feeling settling in, "This is it. This is really it."

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