15 August 2008

i remember feeling alone and missing home.
i remember i cried on the hill at the RISD farm during orientation break...and riding back on the last bus. i remember i hated the bonfire with the man and his drum obnoxiously yelling into his wireless mic.

i remember the pit - sticky seats, crumb scattered tables, weird coffee machine with little packets of your choice favored coffee that still managed to taste terrible. i remember the alley side entrance.

i remember walking was the best remedy and solution to every problem.
i remember walking late to class cos 44 hidden was so damn far away. i remember trying to figure out a good way to ask john or LA for a ride.
i remember shara peeing on herself a little! hahahaha!!! loved it.
i remember LA and i getting high, sitting in the dark living room - LA playing a little R&B lick on the guitar, me dancing slowly in an R&B way.
i remember eating the nastiest shit then.
i remember playing CS.
i remember dancing with reckless abandon at our awesome parties. kissing boys and running away. then i found a girl to kiss for a while...for a good 3 years.

i remember never going to a RISD dance.

i remember how i made a home in providence with great friends.

i remember watching the sunrise too many times.

i remember procrastinating and regret.
i remember cheating.
i remember lovers.
i remember fall.


L said...

I could have sworn it was you who was playing on the guitar and I was dancing with my shadow in an R&B way.

we were high.

swang said...

maybe it was the other way around...maybe i was just projecting in my head. i think you're right. HA!!!