30 April 2009

i remember 44 hidden with the sorority across the street and the techno thumping neighbors downstairs. I remember throwing anything disposable and unwanted in my room with Vanessa at them from our darkened window. Townies are weeod.

i remember when someone special peed themself a little when getting high and laughing. PRICELESS memory!

i remember making Chris wake up and throw up a little in his mouth one morning when i was hungover.

i remember flying a kite along the river.

i remember not having enough money...still don't.

i remember learning how to juggle in the RISD Library.

i remember this nasty guy who worked near the RISD campus coming into the old library in the college bldg and sitting at one of the computers in the magazine room looking at porn and spitting and cursing at the screen while he masturbated.

holy shit - i remember my freshman year going to starbucks on thayer st. with natalie zanecchia to study art history...and this old homeless woman was sitting on the couch pretending to sleep with her coat on top of her and masturbating...and dipping her fingers in a cup of water she got for free as lubrication.

i think that takes the cake, signing off there.