24 March 2009

i remember talking politics with caroline and nishita. if it weren't for them, i would've probably had no clue as to what was going on in the world.

i remember nishita's music: the velvet underground, the strokes, grand master flash, blur, bob marley and dylan, outkast, and old school mariah carey. i remember and miss her open spirit. i remember but don't miss her steady stream of questions and listening to her yell at top volume on the phone with her parents in the mornings. worst mornings ever.

i remember trying to learn how to fly a kite at india point park. i didn't do very well.

i remember my first date ever. it was at paragon and we ran into some people we knew. it was awkward. i was tired and feeling gross because i hadn't showered that morning. he was older. i didn't realize it was a date until i was in heidi's room later, telling her about my evening and she yelled, "LIZ! that was a date!"

i have probably already written this but i remember and miss coffee exchange's iced chai. i also remember and miss amy's peanut butter smoothies. they're better than they sound.

i remember miyoung's drawings of nate.