26 August 2008

i remember shower drawings.

i remember work rooms and spray booths.

i remember that hot guy in furniture holding the door open for me as i ran up the stairs to 2-d class. what was his name again?

i remember bridges and the perverts under them.

i remember that giant bug on the highway.

i remember the providence city scape changing very quickly during the year i was away.

i remember a stack of watermelons in front of the museum.

i remember public safety.

i remember art sales.

i remember coffee exchange chai teas.

i remember those flashing lights from those giant towers on the river.

i remember finding malcolm grear's studio on a run.


Shara said...

there were a lot of hot guys in furniture.

tyler inman?

really hot until you saw his dirty smokers teeth. or maybe even more hot when you saw his dirty smokers teeth.

eseon said...

yes! it was tyler.

marisa keris said it perfectly: "concentration camp cute." everything about his grayed out coloring (teeth included) fit the look. :)

Shara said...

yea. what a hottie.

he always had a messy shirt collar sticking out of a beat up sweater. one corner up, one corner down. and wood shavings would always be stuck on his clothes.