14 August 2008

I remember the grilled cheese sandwiches w/tomato from The Pitt
I remember apple rounds
I remember the coffee at carr haus being too dark
I remember the corn hash for breakfast at The Met
I remember feeling like I could eat Josephines everyday
I remember wanting to puke everytime I ate Johnny Rockets
I remember Checker's potato pizza... mmmm
I remember the buy one get one half off at Cilantro's
I remember that eating at McDonald's was a treat
I remember that eating at Chilango's was a double treat
I remember eating a lot.


L said...

I remember last time I was in NYC, Miyoung was ALWAYS hungry.

Shara said...

i remember when we went to songee's house and ate that sukiyaki 4 days in a row.

the fish balls were huge.