14 August 2008

I remember Mairead Byrne and the way she said "em" instead of "um".

I remember her pale skin and how she wore tight shirts even though she was "old".

I remember when I cried in front of the department head, John Dunnigan, because I was freaking out about my degree project.

I remember the faded tattoo on Udvardy's wrinkly wrist peaking out from under his conservative shirt cuff. I wondered what kind of young man he used to be.

I remember hating Eleanor Lazarek.

I remember thanking Eleanor Lazarek.

I remember Wendy Walters and how she always advised me in my writing: "show, don't tell".

I remember falling asleep in the auditorium to the warm droning of a lecture and the flickering light of slides through my eyelids.


marieyi said...

I remember Udvardy's tattoos too.. and I wondered the same thing. I think those were from his Navy days

L said...

i don't remember if i ever asked him, but i do remember discovering it was indeed from his Navy days.