16 August 2008

I remember the girls in my studio falling asleep on top of the covered radiators, and waking up to burns.

I remember during freshman orientation there was some stupid icebreaker that involved people jumping and stomping around. I was wearing flip flops, and a huge guy stepped on my foot and ripped off half of my big toenail. I didn't cry until I got back to the dorms realized how alone I was. I showered with a plastic bag over my toe the next couple of days.

I remember there was a girl who picked her pimples in the common bathroom. I thought she was mean. She thought I was a churchie. A couple years later, we were as close as sisters.

I remember hiding from public safety with my friends in studio. We wanted to keep working but it was after hours. We hit the lights and dove. We must have looked stupid crouching on the ground and holding our breaths as the officer opened the doors to our room.

I remember daydreaming of life after RISD.

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