19 August 2008

I remember being in Susan's basement apartment. She thought of something poetic, and found it very peculiar because she did not identify herself as poetic. It had something to do with thinking in a bathtub with wet hair sticking to her back.

I remember when Susan, Chris Kim, John Lee and I stayed up one night our freshman year. At sunrise, we climbed to the top of Prov Wash into the glass lookout. While eating ramen noodles, we watched the morning light soak all of Providence into day.

I remember watching the sunsets from the lower quad.

I remember spring, and how the trees would bloom with white flowers that smelled like fish.


cho said...

You have terrible memories my dear.

#1 I'm pretty sure the one poetic thing I said to you was about how i was an emotional masochist.

#2 It was Sandy Wang not Chris Kim who at ramen with us that early morning!

L said...

Sandy/Chris - who can tell the difference between Asian girls anyway?

swang said...

there's a BIG difference brother!

Shara said...

dude. cho. i totally remember you saying something about a bathtub and hair.

and i totally do not remember sandy up in prov wash with us.

do you have pictures from that morning?

L said...

see what i mean?

swang said...

come on shara! we were taking pictures of us lying in the streets with no one there early morning. i have pictures i took in film somewhere.

L said...

because of this, there will be another blog called "we don't remember."