19 August 2008

i remember never wanting to call providence or RISD home, even if it was by accident.

i remember walking up the angell street hill at 2 AM and laying down right in the middle of it and thinking.

i remember section 9: adam and i begging debbie coolidge to let us make sleds, having to hear that our drawings looked like shit every time we were in al decredico's drawing class, not talking to miyoung at all for a while because she was a korean girl, steve's drawings, mat's drawings, and choi.

i remember sitting in the pit with adam, joe ng, and heidi. every time black eyed peas "where is the love" came on, joe would do the cutest dance.

i remember the first day of drawing class vividly. al decredico telling us we weren't doing any figure drawing; our collective disbelief; then feeling awkward because we weren't sure if we could leave; then nick mahshie trying to strike up a conversation with al as though they were buddies.

i remember turning around in british literature class and saying hi to nick for the first time.

i remember me and miyoung thinking sean dianni was so cute. i liked his sculptures for 3-d class.

i remember there was a time when i ate only yogurt and pita with hummus. i didn't know what hummus was before risd. jackie chi said it was mashed chick peas.

i remember struggling a lot and thinking too much.

i remember feeling like i would never be enough.

i remember being naive.

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