15 August 2008

I remember my bedroom in 44 hidden. The green paint on the walls was by Behr, and it was called "rejuvenation".

I remember my $99 dollar twin mattress, the low plywood platform it sat on top of, and the low slant of the ceiling directly above it. Lying in that bed felt like being in a cave. I spent a lot of time there.

I remember lying in that bed, staring at the view of Hope High School outside my window, and not understanding what I was feeling.

I remember the yellow sheet I used as a curtain, and the way the sun was always soft against it.

I remember Puppy and Omelette.

I remember the look of Sandy's face when she held Omelette's newborn kitten in her hands. I've never seen a face so open and vulnerable since then.

I remember my beloved, pink, wingback chair.

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