01 July 2009

I remember walking down the alley way where The Pit used to be; where they made amazing grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, and shaved philly cheesesteak.

I remember the black tar goo that would spittle from some ventilation hole.

I remember that vague sense of dilemma about trying to choose a place to eat on campus depending on where you were and how much work you had to get done.

I remember the bright glow of Portfolio Cafe and all those fucking semicolons on the wall.

I remember the melted chocolate chips sticking to warm crinkled aluminum foil wrapped around giant malleable cookies from the Carr Haus.

I remember being cold and not caring.

I remember the last day of freshman year at the quad. Morolake and I ate pop tarts and watched some movie in the Nickerson basement. It was late May and 55 degrees outside.

I remember ordering pizza and watching movies on the projector on the 7th floor.

I remember getting to studio early in the morning before anybody else and having the whole place to myself. I would drink coffee, eat a scone and stare out the window for two hours before getting anything done.

I remember walking down the stairs from the 9th floor with Mairead after class once. She was a few steps above me and she seemed extra tall. Her shoe slipped and she almost fell down the stairs but caught herself. I think her shoe heel broke.

I remember not eating on-campus and going to Thayer Street. It felt like stepping out in to the real world.

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Liz Seon said...

i thought i was the only one that needed 2 hours to settle into the work day.