13 July 2009

hmm... let's see.

i remember late night walks to 711 and vassily being all wacky.

i remember that food truck on the few nights i went out to pop! best food ever.

i remember encountering a fat, homeless dude masturbating under the bridge one day when i was walking to the mall. he begged me to suck his dick. i ran away, fuming.

i remember walking in a snow storm to see the last samurai with adam chang.

i remember the first snow freshman year. nick mahshie ran outside and danced in it. it was magical.

i remember carrying heavyass pieces of wood from the wood shop to studio to make our sled. miyoung dropped the wood on her foot. owie.

i remember alonso's eyebrows. they looked like birds ready to fly away.

i remember walking up angell hill backwards after class just so i could watch the sun set.

i remember visiting risd for the first time as a high schooler and passing by the risd beach. there was a huge boxer dog standing on the lawn, barking at traffic.

i remember the girls that worked at amy's place. they always looked like they had rolled out of bed but they were so darn cute!

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