14 September 2008

i remember early morning prayer at manning chapel. there was always someone else there chanting the entire time. it sounded strings being plucked but it was his voice.

i remember walks on blackstone: cool air, a sense of being away from everything, and always wanting to go to the ice cream place at the end of the trail.

i remember hurrying to get waffles with strawberry compote at the met.

i remember electroflo in the garages and the hip hop showdown at the met with ezra. i feel like the risd sponsored parties were cooler as a freshman. rose tinted glasses maybe.

i remember standing in line at carr haus.

i remember ruth's huge drawing of Jesus carrying her hanging up at carr haus. i admired her. i also felt challenged.

i remember the beautiful calendar i got from my friend dan: 12 paintings representing 12 miracles of Christ. it remained one of my favorite things for a long time.

i remember when i accidently placed a sticker on the april in the calendar, then ripping it off in haste. i thought, "oh fuck. why did i just do that? it was my favorite month too."

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