24 February 2009

I remember going on that first run in a long time and coming back home only wanting to run even more.

I remember running by the Brown sports complex surrounded by cops and black cars when Bill Clinton came to visit Brown University. I stopped and asked the cops what was going on, pretending I didn't know.

I remember grocery shopping at Stop n Shop at 3AM with Sandy and recognizing random people there, like the pizza dudes at Antonio's and other familiar everyday people. It was like having a dream with arbitrary characters in it. Except grocery shopping.

I remember spending so much time in 15 West, but not living there.

I remember all the furniture and perfectly good stuff kids would leave behind in 15 West.

I remember one of the cashier ladies at Portfolio Café. She always called me "Larry." Twerp.

I remember there was something about the new Fleet Library that always made me want to fall asleep.

I remember looking at a lot of attractive people wherever I went. It was nice.

I remember drinking at night and wanting the rush of inevitable lust.

I remember getting angry at myself whenever I got so high that I lost my train of thought in the middle of speaking a sentence.

I remember getting drunk and then eating terrible food.

I remember freedom.

I remember awkward senior class meetings, and all of a sudden it's high school again.

I remember Bridgid Mason. Yow oww.

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